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9x9 Esoteric

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Britannica Sudoku Unlimited

The addictive puzzle game...Britannica-style. Brain-twisting fun for all ages.

The addictive puzzle game...Britannica-style. Brain-twisting fun for all ages. This is the hottest

Go++ freeware 9x9 only.
 R.A.I. Ltd  Commercial
GO++ is a remake of classical GO famous game for windows.
Esoteric Delights Hebrew Keyboard
 Esoteric Delights  1  Freeware
Allows to peck out Hebrew letters on a keyboard for English-speaking areas.
More 9x9 Esoteric
9x9 Esoteric in introduction
Sudoku Generator
1  Alex Ermolaev  22  Freeware
You may print created Sudoku grid or play on computer screen.
MB Free Divination Dictionary
1  MysticBoard.com  2
This software is the largest divination dictionary from astrology to tarot.
26  Anatoly Zaytsev  1,455  Freeware
A utility for astrologists for creating astrology related charts.
 BACwater Software  Freeware
Baculator is a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator program .
iZotope Cinematic Textures Library
 iZotope, Inc.  13  Commercial
A collection of rhythmic gestures for the BreakTweaker program.
Additional titles, containing 9x9 esoteric
Visual brainfuck
1  Kuashio  3  Freeware
Visual brainfuck is an esoteric programming language similar to C++ Builder.
1  Henk Westhuis  100  Shareware
IntoSudoku allows you to generate Sudoku games of (9x9).
Microride Su Doku Puzzler
 Microride Solutions  1  Freeware
Su Doku is a number puzzle based on a rectangular 9x9 grid.
Lines & Colors
 Paul A. Gagarinov  1  Freeware
9x9 board game. The object of the game is to collectscores by arranging colored balls in lines. Line....
Crazy Nine
 Crazy Bytes  7  Shareware
Beneath the 9x9 board the game offers you patterns of maximal 9 logs.
Sudoku Banzai
 TLK Games  11  Shareware
Sudoku banzai is a game with 4x4, 9x9 and 16x16 grids with a single solution.
 Ihsan  Freeware
This game is a 9x9 grid and is already filled in with number 1 to 9, nine times.
Many Faces of Go data
 Smart Games  13  Shareware
The Many Faces of Go is the 2008 World computer go 19x19 and 9x9 champion.