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 Ganesh Viswanathan  2  Freeware  3.32 MB
Clump is a simple Gui Tail. It also allows capture of output from console.


 Tordivel AS  2  Freeware  53.82 MB
Is an ActiveX for image capture and presentation in any Windows application.

 Kubilus  8  Open source  2.63 MB
MegaCap will allow you to capture, save and print your user screen.

 Guangming Software, Inc.  26  Shareware  2.77 MB
HTML SnapShot takes the screenshot of whole web page in a very effective way.

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PyScripter 1.7
1  Kiriakos Vlahos  581  Freeware  4.33 MB
PyScripter is a python IDE built in python for Delphi(P4D) components.

VeeCool Video Capture 2.2
 VeeCool Software Inc.  12  28.1 MB
capture video, capture Screen, capture URL, capture TV and so on.

Quick Screen Capture 2.2
14  Screen Capture Development  3,100  Shareware  1.02 MB
Quick Screen capture is a screen capture and image editing tool that can capture any part of your sc...

Python pywin32-210 2.5
 Mark Hammond (et al)  904  Freeware  3.94 MB
python pywin32-210 is a set of python extensions for Windows.

ACA Capture Pro 5.6
5  ACA Systems  277  Shareware  4.69 MB
ACA capture Pro is an award-winning screen capture software. it capture screen images, web pages...

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Python MySQL-python-1.2.2 2.5
1  MySQL-Python  123

FastStone Capture 7.1
73  FastStone Soft  22,982  Shareware  2.42 MB
Is a powerful, lightweight, yet full-featured screen capture tool.

Python libxml2-python-2.7.7 2.7
 Daniel Veillard  22  Freeware  1.5 MB
Windows binaries for the libxml and libxslt python bindings.

FastStone Capture 7.0
73  FastStone Soft  22,982  Shareware  2.42 MB
FastStone capture is a powerful, lightweight screen capture tool.

Python 3.3
181  Python Software Foundation  96,463  Freeware  19.05 MB
It is a programming language that lets you integrate your systems effectively.

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 SkeSoft  6  1.09 MB
Text capture Library is a powerful, but easy to use TEXT capture COM componet with many features: 1. capture and process on-screen text of most...

Python numpy 2.6
3  Numpty Developers  10,974  Freeware  2.52 MB
NumPy for python is an extension package for python programing language. The objective of NumPy is to allow large and complex scientific and...

Capture Solution 5.5
 SProsoft  21  Shareware  7.84 MB
capture Solution is software for screen capture. capture Solution makes out movie file(AVI, WMV) from screen of monitor. < Main Function > *...

Capture Professional 6.3
 Creative Softworx, Inc.  73  Commercial
capture Professional is a full featured tool that captures images and high frame rate video (w/ sound) from menus, controls, single windows...

Python - py2exe 0.6
 Thomas Heller  327  Freeware  196.52 KB
Py2exe is an extension developed for python, created by Thomas Heller and maintained by Jimmy Retzlaff. Since python is an interpreted, not...

Capture Professional 5.0
 Creative Softworx, Inc.  73  Freeware
capture Professional is a full featured tool that captures images and high frame rate video (w/ sound) from menus, controls, single windows...

1  Daniele Varrazzo  Freeware  652.13 KB
Psycopg is the most popular PostgreSQL adapter for the python programming language. At its core it fully implements the python DB API 2.0...

zannoGrab 1.2
 Zettatronic Software Solutions  5  2.81 MB
zannoGrab is an easy-to-use screen capture program that makes it simple and easy to capture entire screens, active windows, or selected portions of...

TextGrab SDK 2.1
2  Renovation Software  374
TextGRAB SDK is a COM library that allows screen text capture in Windows applications. You can use it to capture text from any application that...

Python - IPython 0.1
 SciPy  359  Open source
One of python’s most useful features is its interactive interpreter. This system allows very fast testing of ideas without the overhead of...