hinh nen tren 399 pixels wide

Hinh nen tren 399 pixels wide

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Compact Jpg Viewer 1.3
 Miodrag Malovic  22  Freeware  3.16 MB
It can be resized to several pixels by several pixels.

Sound Forge 4.5
173  Sony Creative Software Inc.  39,707  Shareware  142.13 MB
Comprehensive digital audio editor, it contains a wide range of audio processes, tools and effects f...

HotPixelRemover 1.0
 Lightning Cube Software  3  22.19 MB
Eliminate hot pixels and stuck pixels from your digital images.

Photo Pos Pro 1.2
25  Photo Pos  12,717  49.27 MB
advanced image editor offers a wide variety of possibilities in fields of image.

Pixus 1.2
1  JPEG Interactive  52  Freeware
Measure the screen objects in pixels using both mouse and keyboard control.

hinh nen tren 399 pixels wide in title
Sat thu tang hinh 1.0
2  TrochoiViet.com  26

1  Microsoft  1,029

 Rene Schickbauer  3  Open source
A Jump'n'Run game for nearly all recent operating systems.

 ByteSurge  3  Freeware  2.04 MB
pixels is a fast graphics viewer with advanced image processing.

1  Microsoft  88

hinh nen tren 399 pixels wide in description
PPM Quad 1.2
 Paul Marshall  22  Freeware  435.35 KB
Seperate meters reading left & right.There is no title bar on this version. You can move it by dragging anywhere on the window, and to exit use...

PCSpectraLite 1.2
 Intelligent Interfaces Ltd  Commercial
The PCSpectraLite software was written for analysing images from the Elliott Instruments TVSPEC spectrometer. However, it can be used for analysing...

VentilatorCalc 1.0
 Sobinco  2  Freeware
Software developed for ventilation calculation. Calculates in accordance with the Belgian standard NBN D50.001 at a pressure difference of 2 Pascal....

3  Palmer Performance Engineering, Inc.  2,116  Shareware  17.82 MB
PCMSCAN is a fully featured generic OBD-II scanner and diagnostic software that supports a wide variety of OBD-II hardware interfaces. PCMSCAN...

JScreenFix deluxe 1
1  Michael Gardiner  21  1.24 KB
JScreenFix is a Java applet and Java webstart application that helps re-energise stuck pixels and remove burn-in on LCD and plasma screens by...

3  iBall  189  Freeware  9.05 MB
technology…..spBreak the Distance Barrier. Break the Time Barrier. Come Close! Feel the presence. Explore the marvels of iBall's webcam...

Bad Crystal 2.0
 Z-drex Software  45  Shareware  29.21 MB
Bad Crystal is a program that allows you to repair and prevent having defective pixels on monitors, iPods, PSP, PDAs, mobile phones, and plasma/LCD...

3  Microsoft Research  1,681  Freeware  1.23 MB
HD View also makes creating and hosting your own HD View images easy. HD View is available as a plug-in for Windows-based browsers, including...

HDView for Internet Explorer 3.3
3  Microsoft Research  314  Freeware  1.23 MB
With HD View, you can view and interact with very large images on the Web. HD View supports smooth panning and zooming, as well as appropriate...

HotPixels 1.0
 Mediachance  88  Freeware  522.29 KB
HotPixels is an application for removing noise from digital photos. CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) cameras have a known problem: some pixels get a...

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