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LCSMessengerHistory  4  Freeware  195.03 KB
It's an auto-save history helper for Microsoft Office Communicator. File Finder  60  Shareware  416.05 KB File Finder may help you perform faster and more accurate searches.

Easy Net Switch
 Easy Net Switch  227  Shareware  1.49 MB
Useful tool when you have to use your computer in different networks.

Web Photo Album
15  VicMan Software  4,923  Freeware  18.71 MB
Web Photo Album let publish our photos in the web site or in our web.

 Nsasoft LLC.  38  Freeware  548.78 KB
BhoScanner allows you to discover browser helper objects of your PC.

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 helpscience inc  63  Shareware  743.54 KB
Science Teacher's helper was designed with a single purpose in mind - to save you time when editing...

CometBird 3.0
222  CometNetwork,CometBird  34,035  Freeware  15.62 MB
cometbird is the most powerful web browser ever made.

SmsDiscount 4.4
6  Finarea S.A. Switzerland  1,060  Freeware  6.21 MB
A net Phone software to save on your international calls and text messages.

 Trusted Software  53  Freeware  1.42 MB
The File Type Assistant from Trusted Software is a little helper application.

Net Snippets 1.0
 Net Snippets LTD  54  Shareware
net Snippets is a revolutionary software product, which promises to change the way you save and orga...

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ASP.NET ViewState Helper 1.4
 Binary Fortress Software  19  Freeware  672.53 KB ViewState helper is designed to help all web developers.

Save Flash 4.3
27  Pilot Group Ltd  9,900  Shareware  6.85 MB
save flash movies from the internet on your personal computer.

2  Research In Motion Limited  4,879

Save Flash 4.1
27  Pilot Group Ltd  9,900  Shareware  6.85 MB
save Flash 4.1is a program to save flash movies to your disk.

2  Research In Motion Limited  4,879

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 h/p/cosmos  5  Freeware  12.19 MB
h/p/cosmos para control is a software which allows to remote control all h/p/cosmos running machines via the RS232 interface protocol coscom....

Net Send Lite 3.0
 RJL Software, Inc.  24  4.37 MB
net Send Lite is a small utility that uses the existing Microsoft Messaging Service to send network messages. With net Send Lite you can send...

Remote Helper 4.2
 Remote Jr.  166  Freeware
Remote helper is a client for the Remote HD iPhone app. Remote HD is a very popular iPhone app that allows you to control your Windows or Mac...

N.I.L.E.S.Little Helper 3.8
 OldMan  3  Freeware  9.41 MB
N.I.L.E.S.Little helper is designed to edit your NPJ files so that some functions (not yet enabled in NILE) can be accessed, and utilised. At the...

Sofonesia Picture Cropper 1.0  322  Freeware  529.06 KB
Picture cropper is a handy piece of software that can quickly crop any part of a picture. The cropped part can be saved in many image formats...

Download Helper Professional 1.0
 Parity Software Pty. Ltd.  17  Shareware  445.43 KB
Consolidate files you need to download on a regular basis into one neat little package. Whether you are a Webmaster distributing software or a...

WebData Extractor 1.3
 SmElis Technologies  22  Shareware  1.67 MB
WebData Extractor is a compact and handy application that allows you to extract and save photos, images, flash movies, sound files, scripts and other...

Browser Helper Object 1.0
1  Bsalsa productions  5,743  Freeware  5.09 KB
In order to attach to a running instance of Internet Explorer, you can use a "Browser helper Object." A "Browser helper Object"...

PictureImp 2.0
 Neltem  12  Shareware  1.74 MB
PictureImp is the world's first "Zero-Click" web image downloader. As you browse web pages, PictureImp sits in the system tray and...

 HelpScience, Inc.  111  Shareware  743.54 KB
Science Teacher helper is an add-on for Microsoft Word, it was designed with a single purpose in mind - to save you time when editing Graphs and...