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TMS Async 32 for RAD Studio XE
 TMS Software  1  Commercial
TMS Async32 is a communications package which provide access to serial ports.

 Zyl Soft  14  Shareware  640.88 KB
ActiveX control that communicates with a serial GPS receiver.

 DeepSoftware LLC.  12  Shareware  4.41 MB
The nrComm Lib is set of Delphi VCL components, classes and routines.

 DeepSoftware LLC.  8  Shareware  19.5 MB
The nrComm Lib is set of Delphi VCL components, classes and routines.

 BoldInventions  3  Open source  8.58 MB
BirdTerm is a free, open source program which emulates a serial terminal.

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Advanced COM Port Redirector 4.0
 ELTIMA Software GmbH  50  Shareware  1.41 MB
Redirect all data sent from one serial port to any other serial port with Advanced COM port Redirect...

Delphi2CS 4.0
 Netcoole  25  Shareware  598.62 KB
Delphi2CS is an assistant tool that converts delphi source code to C#.

HW Virtual Serial Port 3.1
1  HW group  752  Freeware  2.1 MB
HW Virtual serial port allows creating virual serial port drivers.

232Analyzer 5.3
6  CommFront Communications  496  5.32 MB
serial port Monitor, serial port Terminal, RS232 RS485 RS422 TTL Analyzer.

Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control 3.0
 ELTIMA Software GmbH  175  Shareware  3.36 MB
Create virtual serial port directly from your application and work with it. Full serial port softwar...

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Serial Port ActiveX Control 4.0
1  ELTIMA Software GmbH  177  Shareware  3.62 MB
Control serial ports and manage them and track their activity.

Planet Source Code CD: Delphi Volume 1.0
 Exhedra Solutions, Inc.  7  Shareware  162 MB
Planet source Code is a computer software developer's dream come true!

Virtual Serial Port Driver 7.1
4  Eltima Software  1,867  Shareware  4.38 MB
Virtual serial port Driver lets you create virtual COM ports.

Advanced Serial Port Monitor 4.3
1  AGG Software  519  Shareware  3.98 MB
Advanced serial port Monitor allows monitoring COM ports of various types.

Virtual Serial Port Driver 7.0
4  Eltima Software  1,867  Shareware  4.38 MB
Virtual serial port Driver creates virtual serial ports and connects them.

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 FabulaTech, Inc.  106  4.23 MB
Software developers can access various devices by utilizing the Windows API. When using an API, you gain access to a full spectrum of available...

AltDel 2.2
1  Eugenio Vilar  3  Demo  1.46 MB
delphi source project obfuscator. AltDel is a 5-phase script-driven lexical compiler that produces obfuscation by lowering the language level of...

Serial to Ethernet Connector 3.0
 Eltima Software  128  Shareware  4.34 MB
serial to Ethernet Connector is an advanced software solution developed to share serial port devices over TCP/IP network. Thus, any serial port...

Serial Splitter 3.0
 ELTIMA Software GmbH  10  Shareware  6.54 MB
serial Splitter (by Eltima Software ) is an advanced application which lets you split serial ports at one side into multiple virtual and real serial...

1  Davis Business Systems Ltd.  2  Shareware  1.94 MB
BS/1 Professional is an integrated time billing and accounting system: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Inventory, Time...

Serial Port Redirector 1.7
 FabulaTech LLP.  45  5.31 MB
serial port Redirector is used to connect a serial application to a remote TCP socket. This allows you to utilize modern hardware COM servers without...

Virtual Serial Port Kit 5.0
 FabulaTech, Inc.  136  3.65 MB
Virtual serial port Kit creates pairs of virtual serial ports in your system which are virtually connected to each other. Physical null modem cables...

Virtual Serial Port Control 3.1
 FabulaTech  31  Shareware  8.92 MB
Virtual serial port Control is powerful component which makes it possible to create virtual serial ports and control them fully. At the same time...

Time2HELP 1.0
 Digital Logikk AS  3.57 MB
Time2HELP is a tool for writing and maintaining delphi source code documentation. Documentation can (but need not) be separated from the code and...

SUDT SerialNull 1.7
 SUDT Studio  25  Shareware  563.12 KB
SUDT SerialNull is an advanced configuration utility, which purpose is to emulate RS232 serial ports connected via virtual null-modem cable using...