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15  The MathWorks, Inc.  5,255  Shareware
Here we have the best Math program, a language for technical computing.

MATLAB Component Runtime
2  The MathWorks, Inc.  843  Freeware  81.06 KB
MATLAB Component Runtime - a neat little library package useful for the execution of M-files.

MATLAB Compiler Runtime
1  The MathWorks, Inc.  550  Demo  157.34 MB
MATLAB Compiler lets you share your MATLAB application as an executable file.

 Xsens Technologies B.V.  27  Demo
It allows you to configure and easily integrate the MTx, MTi and MTi-G Motion.

 OPENXTRA Limited  1  Freeware
The new, smart easy way to low cost monitoing for every PC.

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NeuroSolutions for MATLAB 2.0
 NeuroDimension, Inc.  68  14.42 MB
Flexible Neural Network Toolbox for matlab and Simulink.

MATLAB R2012a 7.1
 The MathWorks, Inc.  1,650  Shareware  4 GB
matlab is a programming environment for algorithm development.

Doronix Math ToolBox 1.0
 Doronix Corporation  476  Shareware  4.75 MB
A compact alternative to matlab’s plotting system.

NeuroSolutions for MATLAB 3.0
 NeuroDimension, Inc.  68  Shareware  14.42 MB
NeuroSolutions for matlab neural network toolbox is a valuable addition.

MATLAB Student 7.7
4  The MathWorks, Inc.  52  Commercial
matlab is the language of technical computing at leading engineering.

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MATLAB R2006b 7.3
3  The MathWorks, Inc.  267

MATLAB R2009a 7.8
8  The MathWorks, Inc.  6,715

MATLAB R2007b 7.5
13  The MathWorks, Inc.  3,505

MATLAB R2008b 7.7
3  The MathWorks, Inc.  2,233

MATLAB R2007a 7.4
7  The MathWorks, Inc.  1,096

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 SBMLTeam  2  Freeware  1.45 MB
SBMLToolbox is built on top of libSBML and provides a set of basic functions allowing SBML models to be used in matlab. SBMLToolbox provides...

BrainVoyager QX 2.3
 Rainer Goebel  36  Demo  153.83 MB
BrainVoyager QX is a highly optimized and user friendly software package for the analysis and visualization of functional and structural magnetic...

MVN Studio 3.1
 Xsens Technologies B.V.  1  Demo  563.77 MB
system. FunctionaliMVN Studio is a software application for motion capturing with the MVN suit. MVN Studio is part of the xsens MVN system. Functionali - ...

PSIM 9.0
3  Powersim Inc.  1,895  Shareware  73.21 MB
PSIM is simulation software specifically designed for power electronics and motor control. With fast simulation and friendly user interface, PSIM...

 AmsterCHEM  2  Freeware  883.49 KB
The matlab CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation is a unit operation implementation for which the calculations can be entered in matlab. To get started with the...

MCLite 1.0
 CCOM  5  Freeware  331.04 KB
MCLite is an adaptive finite element matlab package for general second-order nonlinear elliptic equations in the plane. MCLite is essentially a 2D...

ChainLink 1.0
 Daniel Zingaro  2  Freeware  7.48 MB
ChainLink is cross-platform data processing and visualization software that allows full and convenient access to C libraries, classes, functions, and...

 Henri Gavin, John Pye  2  Open source  1.87 MB
FRAME3DD is a program for the static and dynamic structural analysis of two- and three-dimensional frames and trusses with elastic and geometric...

 Citrus Controls Inc.  9.24 MB
A Reflective Memory software solution, using standard networking components and the processors own internal exception mechanism. The fault-tolerant...

 Bertec Corporation  2  Demo  4.77 MB
Bertec Digital Acquire™ is designed to collect data from multiple force measuring devices and save it to either a text file or matlab v4...